Hey, I’m Dani!

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I'm an ecologist and conservation biologist from Australia. I’m passionate about conserving wildlife and wild places, and the everyday things we can do to be a little greener. I love geeking out on science, reading long books, making photos, hiking til my legs are shaky, thinking impossible things, and drinking lots of herbal tea (and red wine).

I was born in downtown Jo’Burg, South Africa in 1987 to a German mother and a Portuguese father. I spent my childhood playing in the veld and icy seas on the outskirts of Cape Town - a place where baboons in our kitchen was not uncommon. I've since lived on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. I live in (what I like to think of as) a home among the gum trees, along with my husband and our two cats, two rainbow lorikeets, four chooks (all rescue), one fish, and my (proudly) expanding vegetable garden. 

Most days I'm a PhD student in conservation biology at The University of Queensland's Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science and the national Threatened Species Recovery Hub. My research focuses on the conservation of endangered black-cockatoos (you can follow my project on Facebook and on Instagram). I have field sites in Queensland, Victoria and on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. 

I’m also super passionate about public policy - and getting good science into it - which is why I’ve been in the public service for over 10 years. I’m now a fisheries scientist (marine biology was my first degree), which is rad because keeping the oceans healthy, and able to feed us humans, is one of my greatest interests.