Hi, I'm Dani -  a passionate wildlife biologist and nature photographer. This little space is my passion project, a curated collection of my photographs and thoughts on nature and life, and my inquiries into the things that matter. 

I believe that we all need to see nature more; its beauty, its fragility, and its interconnectedness with us all. 

When we talk about nature, too often we talk about expanses of pristine wilderness or exotic locations of the adventurous, when in fact nature is all that surrounds us and all that makes us human. We are animals after all, existing entirely upon this thing we call Earth. No one can separate themselves from it. That being so, everyone's actions matter. 

So, how do we know which actions to take? How can we live better, kinder, richer in thought? What does it mean to leave this place a little better than we found it? I don't know, but I'm trying to figure it out.

One thing is certain: knowledge is our most powerful tool. With knowledge we can make better choices, and collectively this can create a world of difference. 

I hope that through my photos and writings I can bring a new piece of nature to you.


My camera is my canvas, and nature my paint.

Photography is the art form that stirs my soul, wakes my mind, and leaves me wanting more. I am constantly inspired by the visual world around me. 

I have been an avid hobby photographer for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to play around with cheap film cameras and got excited by accidental multiple exposures. After a few fun years of mucking around with bulky "compact" digital cameras in my late teens, I purchased my first DSLR (a trusty Canon 40D) when I was 21. My world changed. I've not stopped shooting since. 

My photographic interests and styles have matured a lot over the years. While documenting nature for all to see was what got me excited (read: obsessed) about the craft initially, I'm now tending towards styles that better reflect my interpretations of nature.  


I am South African born, biologically Portuguese-German, but today have my feet firmly planted on the Gold Coast in Queensland, the sunshine capital of the land down under. Alongside my nature-loving husband, you’ll often find me exploring local national parks, scuba diving nearby reefs, or drinking coffee while planning our next adventure, however big or small, into nature.

Things that bring me life: spontaneity, deep conversations, learning, laughter, camping, bushwalking, birdwatching, scuba diving, swimming (water baby at heart), yoga, music, theatre, art, reading, documentaries, the ritual of a pot of tea, food and nutrition (how can we keep both ourselves and the planet healthy?), a good glass of red. 


I am currently working towards a PhD in conservation biology at The University of Queensland. My research focuses on acoustic monitoring of endangered black-cockatoos (you can follow my project on Facebook). When I'm not doing that, I'm working as a fisheries scientist. I have an honours degree in marine science and a master’s degree in conservation biology. I am a professional member of Society for Conservation Biology, the Australian Science Communicators, and the Australian Citizen Science Association. You can find more about my professional life over at LinkedIn.